Another Happy CEn – Calc Customer



Parks of Hamilton have become the latest company empowered by Sustainable Footprints to calculate their own carbon footprint by purchasing their very own copy of CEn-Calc – our carbon and energy quantification tool.

Alisdair Noble, Group Finance Director said:

“At Park’s, we take our commitment to SECR compliance and our environmental impact seriously.  We approached Sustainable Footprints about the best way to develop our SECR compliant carbon footprint.  After speaking with Geri at Sustainable Footprints we decided to purchase the CEn-Calc which enables us to accurately calculate and monitor year on year our carbon footprint and energy consumption profile.  We booked the training session with Hamza to ensure we not only understood how the tool worked but use it to its full advantage.  Clear guidance on gathering our data in advance of the session allowed Hamza to explain everything simply and provide a clear understanding of how to record all aspects of our energy usage.  Together with the instruction manual provided, I feel confident that by using CEn-Calc we will be able to not only meet our legal compliance obligations but also our carbon and energy reduction commitments.”

CEn-Calc has been specially developed by Sustainable Footprints to enable businesses to use their existing data to calculate their buildings, fleet and process carbon emissions and energy consumption in a robust and repeatable way.  Indeed, it is the tool used by Sustainable Footprints consultants themselves.  It has been created in Excel so businesses do not need any special software in order to run it.

Hamza Sadiq, Sustainable Footprints’ CEn-Calc Trainer said:

“At Sustainable Footprints, we are immensely proud of our CEn-Calc.  We have been keen to provide this to other businesses and organisations as we believe in empowering others and working towards a more sustainable future. 

There is more and more emphasis being placed on the environment and working towards combatting climate change.  New legislation and legal requirements are being announced and we want to empower organisations to be ready to respond and to meet their legal obligations.  Notably, the deadline for the new Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) scheme is drawing ever closer so it is important that businesses are ready.”

CEn-Calc is available to purchase at  It costs £1,500 and includes a 12-month licence, instruction manual and SECR statement template.  A one day training course can be booked from £500.  This can be delivered virtually and will ensure you are comfortable in using the CEn-Calc for your business.  A new licence is required after 12-months which costs £250.  The new licence comes with updated DEFRA conversion factors and average fuel court prices as well as any upgrades to the CEn-Calc itself.