“Congraduation Hamza!”









Hamza Sadiq, one of Sustainable Footprints’ consultants, has recently completed his master’s degree at the University of Sussex, achieving a MSc with a distinction in  Engineering Business Management.

For his MSc Hamza selected and persevered through projects such as a cost-benefit analysis of CO2 emissions reduction technologies to continue his passion for the positive impact technology can have within the business and sustainability sector.

Hamza said, “I selected these projects because they resonated with my own interests and perfectly correlated with a lot of the project work I was supporting Sustainable Footprints clients with.

“Choosing to look into carbon emission reduction and sustainable technologies not only helped me professionally but made the study and research process more engaging as it is a passion of mine.

“I’m delighted to have successfully completed this course and integrate learning about business with my engineering background. I would like to thank my colleagues and tutors for all their support in helping me achieve my master’s degree.”

Congratulations on the incredible addition to your already very impressive CV Hamza!