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Sustainable Footprints have been giving a helping hand to a new and upcoming UK based, international accreditation business.  We have been supporting them with their financial planning and their UKAS registration for provision of verification products related to carbon footprinting.  We are looking forward to continuing to work with them and supporting them as they

Carbon Footprints

Not a SECR to lose

Sustainable Footprints have another happy SECR customer.  This time an aviation supplier who is getting ahead of the game and embracing the value of carbon footprinting by completing their SECR a whole year early (this current accounting year is their first eligible year).  Utilising CEn-Calc, our bespoke carbon quantification tool, and our knowledge and expertise

Sustainable Footprints have conducted some research into international carbon reduction schemes and offsetting opportunities for a major multi-national communications company.  We’re now ready for their next steps which is to support them through their ISO 14064 Carbon Footprint management system and future certification.

Way to go GERI!

Director, Geri Findlay, has just completed her ISO 22301 Business Continuity Lead Auditor course adding to her already impressive resumé.  The value of business continuity planning is only now being realised by lots of businesses affected by Coronavirus.  Geri is looking forward to continue working with businesses in helping them survive and thrive during the

Our Project Manager, Claire Gomersall has just completed her ISO 50001 Energy Management Lead Auditor course with BSI.  She is ready and raring to continue to support businesses implementing and auditing their energy management systems; realise cost and energy savings; as well as contributing to the fight against climate change.

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