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A management system ensures you have the right processes in place, your employees have received the appropriate training and that they are aware of how they need to work in order to meet the organisation’s targets and objectives.  Management systems ensure consistency, progression and ensure resource wastage is at a minimum.   

Management systems vary in complexity from organisation to organisation and sector to sector.  Smaller organisations may just need strong leadership and good communication with employees so they understand how they contribute to the organisation’s overall objectives whereas more complex businesses, who operate in highly regulated sectors, will require extensive documentation and controls to fulfil their legal obligations and meet their organisational objectives.


ISO is an international non-governmental federation made up of 164 national standards bodies.  They develop industrial standards which are intended to help organisations introduce effective management systems.  To date, there are over 22,000 international standards which cover almost every industry.  The actual ISO Standards specify the requirements and specification of an effective management system.  They focus on continual improvement so a certified organisation is always trying to better what it has already achieved.

An ISO certified management system can give your business a competitive edge by demonstrating its compliance to an internationally recognised level of operation.  This will be favourable for organisations looking for new suppliers of products and services.

Accreditation reduces the risk for organisations and its customers by assuring them that accredited bodies are competent to carry out the work they undertake.  Accreditations granted by accreditation body members of the IAF Multilateral Recognition Arrangement (MLA) allow companies with an accredited conformity assessment certificate in one part of the world to have that certificate recognised everywhere else in the world.  Therefore, they are relied upon in international trade.

Other benefits include:

       Independent assurance to insurers, regulators and other stakeholders of an effective management system and continual improvement;

      Enhances reputation by demonstrating your organisation commitment to improving management practices to shareholders, employees and customers which can help attract new investors;

    Differentiating your business from competitors, helping you maintain your existing customer base and attract new business.  More and more invitation to tender require accredited, certified management systems to be in place.

Sustainable Footprints are Lead Auditors for many ISO Standards including ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environment, ISO 22301 Business Continuity and ISO 50001 Energy Management.  We can help you from management system concept through to implementation.  We can also support your internal audit procedure by ensuring that your management system continues to meet the needs of the required ISO Standard prior to any supplier or certification audit as well as addressing any minor or major non-conformities identified.

ISO management systems tend to be very similar in their requirements and specifications so gaining additional ISO certification often doesn’t require too much additional work.  Sustainable Footprints can conduct a gap analysis of your management systems to identify what additional work you need to do to secure the additional ISO certification.  We can then give you as much support as you require in order to meet the requirements of the new standards. 

If you have missed the ESOS Phase II deadline, it is important you have your ESOS audit conducted as soon as possible.  The Environment Agency will be issuing fines of up to £90,000 for non-submission.  Sustainable Footprints are qualified ESOS Lead Assessors and we will help you comply quickly and efficiently.  Contact us today for a no-obligation quote.

If your organisation has over 250 employees OR a turnover of more than £44,854,000 (€50m) and a balance sheet total in excess of £38,566,700 (€43m), you a legally required to comply with ESOS.

Sustainable Footprints will require records and evidence of your buildings and fleet energy consumption.  Data is required for the whole reporting period and includes:

• Records of electricity and gas cost and consumption plus samples of electricity and gas bills

• Records of heating oil purchased plus samples of invoices

• Records of any fuel bunkered on-site plus sample invoices

• Fuel card spreadsheets plus sample invoices

• Company vehicle list

• Records of mileage claims paid plus sample claims

• Grey Fleet vehicle list (if available)

• Any policies and procedures relating to energy management

• Any policies and procedures relating to fleet management and maintenance

• Details of any fleet management systems implemented by your company

• Details of any routing software used

• Vehicle Procurement Policy

• Details of any energy-saving fixtures and fittings


In addition, we will also require organisational information such as turnover and number of employees plus structure including any subsidiaries plus a list of all the sites your business covers including addresses.

The Environment Agency state that, for best practice, ESOS assessors should conduct site visits as this is the best way to collate data, information and understand the requirements of your organisation to enable us to make more tailored and relevant recommendations to save your organisation money and energy.



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If you've got a question just send us an email and we'll be happy to answer your question. 


Coming soon.

If you've got a question just send us an email and we'll be happy to answer your question. 

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Get our amazing carbon and energy quantification tool to help you calculate your carbon footprint and energy consumption.

In addition to our SECR assessments, we have developed the CEn-Calc to empower businesses to accurately calculate their own annual carbon footprint. The CEn-Calc is an easy to use, Excel-based carbon and energy calculator that will provide you with a robust, comparable data set that supports your legal compliance and business obligations through a repeatable process. It covers scopes 1 (direct greenhouse gases), 2 (indirect energy emissions e.g. purchased electricity) and 3 (other indirect emissions e.g. business travel and waste). CEn-Calc will save you time and money on consultancy fees and will enable you to calculate your carbon footprint year on year (an annual update is available with the latest DEFRA conversion factors to ensure accuracy).

To find out more and to order your CEn-Calc, please click on the link below.